Rules, Regulations and Bylaws

Staying up-to-date on the Membership Rules and Regulations, as well as our Bylaws, is part of your responsibility as a Bay East member. Click on the following links to download the latest version of these documents.

Member Rosters

To provide you with current member and firm information, we have made available a printable Membership Roster.

The information contained in these publications is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. The Bay East Association of REALTOR® will not be responsible for data entry errors, misinformation or misprints. Member/Firm information may be incorrect if Bay East records have not been updated by either member or firm. In the event that an error occurs, it is the responsibility of the member to furnish Bay East Association of REALTOR® with written notice of correction.

District Map

Effective Jan 2017 Bay East will be divided into four districts.

  • North County
  • Central County
  • Tri-Cities
  • Tri-County