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Bay East Newsletters

Bay East publishes a series of weekly email newsletters that inform our members of upcoming events, educational offerings, government related news, broker specific information, and other important topics. Periodically we send out emails specific to issues that our members need to be aware of such as annual billing, annual survey, elections, etc.

Regularly Published Newsletters

Bay East Insider

Sent out every Monday. Includes news and information for all members.

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Sent out every Saturday. Includes the most recent BUZZ and last week's BUZZ.

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Sent out every Sunday. Includes information about upcoming training classes, business development seminars and other education related information.

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Government Affairs

Sent out every Friday. Includes news and information at the local, state and national level related to governmental issues.

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Broker Exclusive

Sent out every other Sunday. Includes information specically for our broker members.

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