REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF)

REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF) raises money to advance the goals of our REALTOR® political action committees (PACs) at the local, state, and federal levels of government. RAF supports elected officals who understand REALTOR® issues.

Bay East 2016 RAF Contributors

We would like to thank and recognize the following 2016 REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF) Contributors for their outstanding commitment and contribution.

  • NAR Hall of Fame

    Otto Catrina – President's Circle
    Don Faught – President's Circle
    Craig Ragg – President's Circle

  • NAR Golden 'R'

    Bill Brown – President's Circle
    Dorothy Jackson – President's Circle
    Tricia Thomas – President's Circle

  • NAR Crystal 'R'

    Mike Fracisco

  • NAR Sterling 'R'

    Jennifer Branchini – President's Circle
    Kevin Brown – President's Circle
    Janet Cristiano
    Sheila Cunha
    Melrose Forde
    Lynnette Fox-Rindner
    Michael Godfrey
    Blaise Lofland
    Kim Ott – President's Circle
    Jean Powers
    Michael Riley
    Doreen Roberts
    Sherri Souza
    Gib Souza
    Michael Tessaro
    Pam Winterbauer
    Heide Wolf-Reid

  • California Silver Bear

    Sandi Gomes
    Tina Hand
    Ronald Lyster
    Steve Medeiros

  • 'The True Cost of Doing Business'

    Nancie Allen
    Joe Annunziato III
    Ken Bradley
    Barbara Clemons
    Thomas Cree
    Will Doerlich
    Edward Gomes
    Lyman Menger
    Mary Anne Rozsa
    David Stark
    Cowboy Bob Weinreich