The REALTOR® Voice in Government

Government at the federal, state, and local levels is directly involved in every real estate transaction. Some of this involvement promotes home ownership, while other complicates transactions and attacks private property rights. As a real estate professional you need to be involved in government, as well as the policies and regulations that impact your business. The REALTOR® Party is your voice in government and an opportunity for you to get involved.

Vote. Act. Invest.


The REALTOR® Party needs you! Who is the REALTOR® Party? Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc. It’s YOU. The REALTOR® Party represents REALTOR®, home buyer and home owner interests at your city hall, in Sacramento and Washington D.C.

The Bay East Association of REALTORS® endorses and supports candidates at the local and regional levels (city council and county supervisor). During each local election, candidates endorsed by Bay East are announced.



There are lots of ways for you to get involved in the REALTOR® Party. The Bay East Local Government Relations Committee, the Local Candidate Recommendation Committee, National Association of REALTORS® Calls-for-Action and California Association of REALTORS® Red Alerts.

Two volunteer committees, the Local Government Relations Committee and the Local Candidate Recommendation Committee, serve as the foundation for the Bay East Government Affairs program.

The Local Government Relations Committee is the foundation for all Government Affairs activities. The Committee consists of REALTOR® members who meet monthly to review local government policies, ordinances, and programs that impact real estate transactions, as well as advise the Bay East Board of Directors regarding official Bay East positions on these issues.

The Local Candidate Recommendation Committee interviews candidates for local elected offices, advises the Bay East Board of Directors regarding candidate endorsements, and provides support for candidates who understand and support REALTOR® issues.

Calls for Action and Red Alerts: Throughout the year NAR and C.A.R. will issue Calls for Action and Red Alerts regarding Federal and State issues critical to the REALTOR® community. Typically, they ask REALTROS® to contact their elected officials and ask them to support or oppose proposed legislation.


The REALTOR® Action Fund supports political activities at the local, state, and national levels. It gives REALTORS® a seat at the table and demonstrates that REALTORS® mean business when it comes to politics.

For more information or to invest in the REALTOR® Action Fund and RPAC click here or contact David Stark

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