❉ DRE to Enforce Team Name & Advertising Violations!

Brokers should be aware that the DRE Commissioner is forming an Enforcement Task Force to take action against violations of “team name” rules and related advertising by sales agents and their responsible brokers.

New rules went into effect at the beginning of 2018 with regard to “for sale” and “open house” signs. If you are not up to date with that information please refer to DRE publication RE559 with all the details:

Salespersons that brand themselves in such a way that it misleads the public into believing the salesperson may act independently of their responsible broker will be the focus of this new enforcement team. Brokers that allow such advertising by their sales agents will be held responsible by the DRE Enforcement Task Force.

Not knowing the information could be costly as the Department Enforcement Task Force focuses on those agents and their brokers who are not in compliance.

We have prepared a video that also summarizes the advertising requirements. Brokers are encouraged to review this information with their sales agents to prevent disciplinary action by the new DRE Enforcement Task Force.