❉ Paragon Change: Area Field – Mar 26

Effective March 26 the “Area” field will be moved below “County” field in the “search” module.


Q: Why are we moving it down
A: As you know, we pull MLSListings listing data into Paragon. When mapping the data from their system in Paragon, the Areas between MLSListings and Paragon do not match 1 to 1. For our members to get the best results for their searches, we HIGHLY recommend to use “City” instead of “Area”.

Q: If I have customized my search fields, will anything change?
A: No, your search fields will remain the same.

Q: Should I updated my save searches?
A: Yes, it is recommended to update any save searches where you have used “Area” field instead of “City”

Q: What if I want a specific area within that city?
A: Please use the Map capability within Paragon to tell the system which section you would like.