❉ Paragon Enhancements & Changes – Jan 9

Effective Jan 9th, the following eight enhancements & changes will be in effect on Paragon.

ChangeReason for the Change
Photo Increase on ListingListing can now have up 40 photosMember requested change
Hayward Hills“Hayward Hills” will be removed from the list of valid entries for the City field. Existing listing with “Hayward Hills” in the city field will be updated to “Hayward”.Hayward Hills is not a city.
Photo Link at Listing EntryA new field called “Photo” will be added in the listing entry screen with a link to the “Upload Front Exterior Photo” dialog box.
Note: the field is not required but MLS Rules require at least one front exterior photo on a listing.
Improved functionality
Floating Homes“Floating Homes” will be added as a selection under the Building Type field for the Residental listing type.Provides members with a more accurate building type when listing a floating home.
HOA Fee Frequency“Bi-Monthly”; “Semi-Annual”; and “Other” added as valid selections under the HOA Fee Frequency field.Member requested change
Collaboration CenterAdding D/N/S; Stories; Garage Y/N; Pool Y/N as searchable fields in the Collaboration Center.Improved functionality & better user experience.
Dist/Neighborhood/Subdiv Field for RossmoorUpdate the valid choices for the Dist/Neighborhood/Subdiv data when Rossmoor has been selected.Provide accurate choices for Rossmoor.
Lease Rental Property Type“Apartment” will be added as a selection under the Building Type field for the Lease Rental listing type.Improved functionality & better user experience.
Open House / Tour ReportsAllow reports to be emailed to clients. Applies to Open House View; Tour Select; Tour View; Tour View 2; Tour View w/o Pix; and Tour/Open House 5up reports.To make it easier for members to provide their clients with tour & open house information via Paragon.