❉ Paragon MLS & MORE 2.0 Changes – Aug 21

On August 21, the following changes will occur in Paragon MLS:

  • The sq.ft. field will becomes a required field for all new listings or when a listing is modified.
    • To provide complete property information to our members, the sq.ft. field will become required. Sq.Ft. is crucial piece information which should be part of every listing.
    • If for any reason the sq.ft. data is not available, the listing agent can enter a 0 (zero) in the sq.ft. field. The “source” field for sq.ft. will automatically go to “unavailable”.
  • The current red “T” tax icon used for the Tax Property Report will be replaced with the CRS tax icon in the reports.
    • The current red “T” icon in a report is contingent on the APN information being populated at listing entry. Most of the times agents do not use auto-fill nor complete the APN fields, which means the red “T” icon will not show up in the reports. By switching to the CRS tax icon, CRS not only looks at the APN but the address as well. This means there will be a much higher rate of the tax icon showing up in the reports.
  • The “Direction to Property” field becomes a required field for all new listings or when a listing is modified.
    • “Direction to Property” field populates the information in the tour reports. Agents use tour sheet printouts as a guide to the homes they plan to visit. Having the directions helps them know where the property is.
    • Not everyone uses (or likes to use) a phone or GPS for directions.
    • This additional information only adds to the listing and therefore the tour sheet “completeness.”
    • With the direction, agents who know the area, will know exactly where the property is without use of any device.

On August 21, the following changes will occur in MORE 2.0:

  • Cloud CMA option removed from MORE 2.0
    • Bay East and CCAR MLS tech support receive 2 to 3 calls a week with complaints about data not being pulled to Cloud CMA, incorrect status, or missing pictures. Per staff conversation with bridgeMLS, the same concerns have been reported to their staff as well. This is due to the fact that Cloud CMA pulls its data from reInsight. As we all know, reInsight is not always up-to-date, and it takes Black Knight several days to fix the reported issues.
    • When we first launched Cloud CMA, the data was being pulled directly from Paragon. This was changed to pull from reInsight, so the data share aggregated data could be included. However, the unreliability of reInsight is affecting the credibility of Cloud CMA and our members are less likely to use the Cloud CMA product. We are making Cloud CMA a more reliable product by switching the data connection back to Paragon.