❉ Map Changes on Paragon

BlackKnight, our Paragon MLS Vendor has informed us that the Bing Map service used in the Paragon MLS system was recently updated to Version 8 with Paragon’s latest release. The change was mandatory as previous versions are no longer supported by Microsoft effective June 30, 2017.

As a result, the following has been affected:

  • Bird’s Eye Views are not displaying in certain locations. This is a direct result of a decision by Microsoft to remove outdated imagery in Bing (some images are over 10+ years old).
  • Automatic View Microsoft removed the Automatic View with Bing v8. Instead of removing that option throughout the Paragon interface, Paragon matched the Automatic View to the Road View.
  • Navigation Controls The controls in the upper right-hand corner which allowed you to click to pan in any direction were removed with the v8 release. This was especially useful when drawing shapes close to the edge of the screen. The vendor is working to recreate the Bing Pan control.