❉ Life getting the best of you or someone you know? We have a program to help you.

The Bay East Member Assistance Program by the Holman Group is a resource to assist you in assessing your personal problems and to help determine the best possible treatment options for you.

Key points about this program:

  • This program is no cost for all Bay East members and their families for unlimited phone access.
  • Totally confidential. You interact with professionals from the Holman Group. No Bay East member or staff is aware or your use or outcome of this program.
  • Examples of issues addressed: Family or martial conflicts; alcohol or drug issues; stress or depression; legal or financial needs; wellness programs; parenting issues; elder care referral; etc.
  • No referral needed. No need to have staff or any third party start the process. You will speak to a licensed professional and they will work with you to gain skills to cope with your situation and to become more equipped to deal with other issues that may occur.
  • What if I am experiencing a crisis right now? Contact Holman at 800-321-2843 – 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.
  • How do I get help? Simply call Holman at 800-321-2843 between 7:30AM and 6:30PM PST to speak to a qualified care specialist who will assist you with your needs. Should you decide work with Holman, the specialist will schedule an appointment to talk to a staff clinician.
  • Holman also provides legal & financial consultations and a prescription drug savings program.

Want more information? Click here to logon to the Member Assistance Program.
Use this information to logon to the Holman website
Username: BayEast
Password: BEAR2015