I’ve decided to join Bay East, what do I do next?

Joining a REALTOR® association like Bay East can be confusing for a salesperson…
What do I need to bring, how much will it cost, do I need a key, and on and on…

Check out these pointers that will make the process at Bay East easier for you.

  • Agents have the option to choose between an eKEY (must be used with FOB) or an XpressKEY.
    • For more information on the XpressKEY
    • For more information on the eKEY
  • Bay East bills on a fiscal year (July through June). Our fees are prorated on a monthly basis and are updated on the first of each month. These changes are reflected in the updated Membership Application
  • Having a real estate license does not give you the REALTOR® designation. Agents must join the Association in order to receive the REALTOR® designation. You can view the definition of a REALTOR®. More information regarding becoming a REALTOR® can be found in the Bay East Bylaws.
  • Although agents can schedule an appointment to bring in their membership application; they can also submit them via email to Amber or fax them to (925) 730-0237 – 24 hours a day. No matter how the application is submitted; processing time is 1-2 business days.
  • All applications must be signed by the broker in order to begin processing. You can contact the Bay East membership department to determine who the authorized signer(s) is for your office.