I’ve decided to join Bay East, what do I do next?

Steps to Membership at Bay East

Joining a REALTOR® association like Bay East can be confusing for a salesperson…
What do I need to bring, how much will it cost, do I need a key, and on and on…

Check out these pointers that will make the process at Bay East easier for you.

  1. Within 10 days of joining your brokerage, complete a membership application. Click here to download an application.

    All applications must be signed by the broker to begin processing. You can contact the Bay East membership department to determine who the authorized signer(s) is for your office.

    Having a real estate license does not give you the REALTOR® designation. Agents must join the Association in to receive the REALTOR® designation. You can view the definition of a REALTOR®. More information regarding becoming a REALTOR® can be found in the Bay East Bylaws.

  2. Submit your signed application one of the following ways:
    • bring it into the Association office – appointments are available by calling 925-730-4060
    • email to
    • fax it to 925-730-0237 – 24 hours a day
    No matter how your application is submitted; processing time is 1-2 business days.

  3. Determine which additional services you need:
    1. Multiple Listing Service – Optional: If you don’t need immediate need access to the MLS (Sharing access and passwords is an MLS violation and subject to fines up to $15,000) A signed letter from your broker to waive MLS is required. Review the Top Reasons to Join the MLS
    2. Supra Lock Box Key – Optional. You must have MLS to get a key. (Sharing keys is strictly forbidden and subject to penalties for both parties –$500 for the 1st offense.)
      Agents have the option to choose between an eKEY or a XpressKEY. Review the Top Reasons to Possess a Lockbox Key
      Click here for a comparison chart, coverage map and video.

  4. Pay membership fees for desired membership/services
    1. Bay East bills on a fiscal year (July through June). Our fees are prorated monthly and are updated on the first of each month.
    2. Click here for an interactive fee schedule OR these charges are reflected in the lastest Membership Application.